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Coastal Property Insurance

Maine Coastal Property Insurance

Individuals who live or do business along the coast understand the difficulties of finding insurance coverage to protect against hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters specifically associated with the coastline. North Atlantic Insurance Associates specializes in insuring homes and businesses on the coast of Maine, especially in the greater Portland area. When writing policies, our agents search for the best value rather than looking simply at price. We work diligently to make sure our customers have the coverage they need in case disaster strikes.

Exceptions to Property Coverage

Homeowners’ policies and general property coverage for businesses generally exclude damage caused by flood and related natural disasters. For this reason, home and business owners along the coast need to purchase additional insurance to protect their assets in the event of a hurricane, flood or other water-related disaster.

The Coverage You Need

Due to extensive hurricane and storm damage along the coast in recent years, some property owners have found it difficult to find coastal property insurance that covers their assets. Since we work with several established insurance providers, we are able to help you shop around for the best value. We’ll review available policy options and help you find a carrier that meets your coverage needs. Available coastal property coverage includes

  • Basic homeowners’ insurance
  • General property coverage
  • Flood insurance
  • Protection against hurricane damage
  • Landslide and mudslide coverage
  • Earthquake insurance

Risk Assessment

In order to better assist you, North Atlantic Insurance provides risk assessment of coastal properties. By assessing the risks to your home, business or other property, we are able to find better values in coastal property insurance. Low premiums are useless if they don’t provide sufficient coverage, so our agents will look with you at the complete picture.

For more information, you can request your free online quote today. To learn even more or speak with one of our knowledgeable insurance agents, please call or email our office.