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Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee Benefits Insurance

In today’s competitive business world, one of the best ways to attract and keep quality employees is by providing good employee benefits. As a privately owned and operated insurance company, North Atlantic Insurance Associates provides many excellent and affordable products to companies that wish to offer insurance to their employees.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a great way to keep the costs of healthcare to a minimum. By providing affordable healthcare plans to your employees, you can often defray the costs of absenteeism as well as the risks associated with employees coming to work sick.

Health Insurance Plans

Two major types of health insurance are available for you to provide as employee benefits. Fee-for-service plans cover members regardless of which doctor, clinic or hospital they visit. Managed care programs such as HMOs and PPOs focus on preventative care and provide greater benefits for employees who see doctors and receive care at facilities within a network of providers.

Additional Options

Many employers offer dental and vision plans along with group health insurance. These plans cover certain services such as routine dental work and basic eye care. By helping your employees care for their vision and get proper dental care, you will be taking a step toward maximizing productivity in your workforce.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Helping your employees feel secure about their future and the future of their families is an important reason for providing employee benefits. Many employers offer some form of accident insurance or life insurance. Beyond legally required benefits such as workers compensation, one of the most popular benefits to provide is accidental death and dismemberment insurance. This type of coverage provides benefits to the insured or their beneficiaries in case of death or dismemberment caused by an accident.

Other Group Policies

Companies can offer several other types of insurance to their employees at discounted group rates. These may include

  • Legal insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Pet insurance

To learn more about how you can provide for your employees while continuing to protect your bottom line, call North Atlantic Insurance Associates today. We look forward to serving you.